VHC Latino

Corporate Network Group

The VAHCC Corporate Network was started in 2012 to unite Hispanic Professionals across company lines in an effort to create a shared sense of community, and, in turn, attract and retain a best-in-class group of Latino professionals to our region. Many companies have significant Hispanic professional organizations; the Corporate Network was created as a bridge among these many existing groups with the overall aim to further the sense of shared community among these professionals.

Membership in the Corporate Network is limited to Fortune 500 Companies, or companies with over 500 employees, headquartered or with a significant presence in the region who are also VAHCC Members at the Corporate Level.

Goals of the VAHCC Latino Corporate Network

Working through the existing programs and initiatives of the VAHCC and Foundation, the Corporate Network aims to:

  • Enhance relationship-building and community relations through networking events and event planning. 

  • Grow the rich Latino culture through supporting and implementing social, cultural, and educational events. 

  • Create and identify community outreach and philanthropic programs. 

  • Cultivate a strong recruitment base for members by creating strong ties to student organizations in Virginia colleges.

  • Link with Hispanic and Latino professional organizations at the national, state and local levels.