Doing Business with the Government

This fall the Virginia Hispanic Chamber & Virginia Hispanic Foundation will be launching a new online Federal Business Acceleration Program to help Hispanic entrepreneurs, startups, small and mid-size businesses grow their revenues through the US federal government contracts and grants.

How to Start a Federal Contracting Business?

The comprehensive step by step primer and online training program to understand how to start and grow a federal contracting business or supplier company in the USA.

Winning Proposal Writing Training Program

For Business Owners, Employees, Consultants, Contractors, and Students | Join, Learn, Write and Win Proposals | Grow Your Organization and Your Career!

The US federal government is the world's largest customer spending approximately over $1 trillion annually through grants and contracts on products and services each year.  In 2016 alone the US Federal Government spent $666 billion on grants and $461 billion on contracts. Yet only a fraction of all the 28+ million businesses in the USA ever sought to do business with the US federal government. This is especially true of Hispanic businesses. 

The online training program has been designed after significant research, brainstorming, pilots, and interviews with government and industry professionals, providing an inside track on how to help government suppliers and contractors win federal government business while improving their performance.