Learn to make a pinata

It is very easy to make a pinata!

Follow these tutorials and learn to make one yourself! It is a great activity for schools, families and friends. Bring a pinata and be part of breaking a world record.

To download our Pinata World Record Info Packet!




Homemade piñatas are encouraged. However, if you don't want to make one from scratch, you can buy and redecorate one to make it look like a real Mexican Piñata!


Check these other videos for ideas: 


Pinata Guidelines

Please, make sure to follow these guidelines when making the piñata you want to donate:

  • Piñatas must be both fillable and breakable.

  • Piñatas must be between 12-24 inches tall and 12-24 inches wide, and no heavier than 2 Ibs.

  • Piñatas must be ready-to-hang with a built-in secure, sturdy constructed hanger with 32-inch green florist wire attached allowing piñata to be hung easily without falling off constructed hanger.  

  • You must provide a means to fill the piñata but do not fill your piñata. Filling of piñatas will be carried out by volunteers when piñatas are to be distributed to participating schools in your community and throughout the state of Virginia.

  • Piñata’s are submitted to the following location:

    VCU da Vinci Center 
    807 S. Cathedral Place, Richmond, VA 23284
    March 15-April 27th Monday Through Friday 9AM-5PM

    Virginia Hispanic Chamber
    10700 Midlothian Turnpike Suite 200 Richmond VA 23235
    (2nd Floor of the Bank of America)
    March 15-April 27th Every Wednesday 9AM-5PM
    *For shipments use this address*

    MTK Auto Boutique 
    1606 Brook Rd. Richmond VA 23220
    *within a mile of VCU campus
    April 27 4PM-7PM
    April 28-29 10AM-3PM
    April 30-May 1 4PM-7PM


  • Piñata must be checked in in person by a volunteer and confirmed.
    *Please do not leave your pinata outside of drop off hours

  • *Please continue to check the website - drop off location and times
     are subject to change.


Disclaimer: Piñatas can be any theme and preferably made by you. VHF, VHC and VCU reserve the right to reject any piñatas considered to be offensive in nature. Upon your donation, we reserve the right to modify your piñata in any way for it to maintain integrity and appropriateness for the display. This is a family-friendly event. Please refrain from anything suggesting the consumption of alcohol, tobacco products or illicit drug use. This is an inclusive event. Anything considered offensive to any population, politically charged or inappropriate is subject to rejection at the discretion of the VHF, VHC and VCU. Piñatas are donations for your community to enjoy and for a child in your community that would benefit from donated supplies. Piñatas will not be returned.


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